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06:11pm 18/11/2005
make me a superstar
Man I can't wait unitl break is here. School is killing me right now and I am slowly hating classes even more. Well at least I quit my job so I can try and pick the grades up some more, we will see. I just wish that I could be good at something for once.

I have totally screwed myself over big time. I have two papers due monday and am wicked nervous about it. I think I will be a geek and do one of them tonight so I won't be hating myself later. I might actually go to bed early to make up for the no hours of sleep I have gotten this week.

I am so excited about Harry Potter and the wonderful Goblet of fire coming out!!! So-so saw it already but I think I am going to go with her and D this coming Wednesday so that I can enjoy it with fellow hp freaks. No one here likes hp so I had to run into my room and celebrate last night, oh well!

Tuesday, you can't get here soon enough...
mood: rushedrushed
music: mad world
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