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03:06pm 13/10/2005
make me a superstar
I have not writen in here in sooooo friggin long. I guess it is time to start it up again lol not that anyone actually reads this but hey thats ok, I need some place to go type.

Well I am back here at school in my junior year ahhhh!!!! I can't believe it. As corny as it sounds I actually do remember my freshman year like it was yesterday. I don't want to be graduating any time soon because I am not ready to face the big bad world lol. I have no idea what I want to do with my life.

Whenever people ask me what my major is and I say English they are like wow what are u going to do with that? I don't know lol. I know that I want to write but I realize that that will get me nowhere. I need to have something else to do as well but I don't know what that will be but I have to find something. The next question they ask is why don't you go into teaching? I Just don't want to teach. It does not appeal to me and that is that. Grrrrrrrr....hopefully something will come to me before I graduate. I realize that I may be acting a little dramatic because I still have to finish this year before I go into my senior year but everything has gone by so fast that who knows how time will fly?

Last thursday I left to go home for a short break and classes started up again yesterday. I love being home and everything was just so great...I really did not want to be coming back though. I have a bad habit of looking too far ahead and not enjoying the now so the whole time I was home I was just upset about having to leave and even more upset on tuesday when I drove back. I miss everything and everyone...especially my baby!! Oh well I have thanksgiving to look forward to.

I got myself a little job at Brooks pharmacy up the road. Everyone is really nice so it is not that bad. I know its not great but stupid Barnes and Noble said that they were not looking for booksellers only cafe people, oh well. I am kind of bummed because I have not been able to just stick with one company because people are not looking for seasonal help. I had such a fun time working for Barnes and Noble this summer but they had some stupid rule about having to work for the company for 9 months before you can transfer, so I was not able to transfer at all. Once again I had to start anew. I don't really want to stay with brooks either but I guess I will just have to for the time being. My school finally got facebook so I have become addicted so anyone friend me lol. Oh well time to go write a paper :(
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(no subject)
11:09pm 14/10/2005 (UTC)
make me a superstar
Haha thanks Heather! It is good to know that I am not the only one with this problem lol, although I do realize many people have this issue besides me. It is just so aggravating and then I second guess myself with my choice of major lol but its too late now.

Happy Friday to you as well!!!
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