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02:46pm 14/05/2005
make me a superstar
Wooohooo!!!!! Home for the summer! I am to lazy to unpack all of my shit but I got to do it soon in case people come to visit me uhhhmmmm *cough* Andrea and Megs!!! So excited that I am loved!

Can't wait to relax and start the endless pile of books I picked out....I know that sounds mad geeky but I love reading and I especially can't wait to Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince to arrive in the mail!!! Ahhhhhh!!! So many things to do this summer.

Kinda sad I won't be able to see my Lauren like at all :( but u are going to have fun in Europe I Know. I am excited to be hanging out with my liz because I saw her once last summer so we will definately have to make up for that now! I really wish that Barnes and Noble would call me back and let me know or else I am going to have to start looking other places...and I really wanted to work there too. Ugh allergies are starting to act up and I knew this was going to happen because they are always delayed when I am in VT but when I come home is when they are in full swing.

So excited because tonight I have a mystery date and can't wait to find out where I am going! I need to get on schedule and start my plan like I did last summer but tonight I am going to pig out for one last hurrah!! Oh well, it is time to go get my nails done with my mom hahah.

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07:38pm 15/05/2005 (UTC)
dont worry we will totally do stuff before we leave and hang out all the chances we get. BUT you NEED to tell me what you want from Europe!!:) miss ya and love ya
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03:15am 25/05/2005 (UTC)
Sarah! I love that you left a comment in my journal! I heart you! I hung with Ashwee last night and she misses you (sad face). I am glad that soon I'll be able to see you again and we can chill (I hate summer! It messes up my world). Yeah Sarah I can see you as Liz...although you do have that in-your-face attitude that Maria has, I was surprised I got Maria but I love her so it's ok.
I have to go and watch one of my 800 DVD's now...
Be well.
Megan (You know, you're most favoritest person ever in life..or something).
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