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It's Been A While  
03:17pm 08/01/2012
make me a superstar

I have not written in this in years. I don't know what is so special about today that I am finally able to sit down and write in here again. Maybe I just needed some place to go and write down my thoughts, stream of conscience, to just be able to write again. I stopped for a while mostly because I have the bad habit of doing something for so long that I grow weary of it. I used to have such a love for writing but somehow it lost all of its fun for me. I wanted to start up again even if it's just in here as a form of blogging ( I don't know if livejournal is considered a blog) so that I could have a place to organize my thoughts. Even if no one reads this it's nice to put it out there.

Today was a good day! I went out to a new brunch place with a very dear old friend of mine and we got to reminisce about old times. Although where we went I don't know if I would go back there. It was quite a wait for expensive food and they messed up my order lol. It always happens to me somehow but at least the Turkey Hash was yummy! After brunch we decided to walk past our old High School which since we graduated 9 years ago has been redone and looks amazing! We were able to walk around the athletic fields and peer through some of the windows of the classrooms ( don't worry school was not in session lol). The facilities were amazing and made me wish that it had been that nice when we were there lol but alas that is never how the story goes!  My friend then decided she was going to try and jump over some of the hurdles since she was a track star back in the day! I got an amazing video which I'm not sure if I am tech savy enough to upload here lol. Next time I will have to go back and try to get into the main part of the school.

I guess the next part of this should be to update on my life since I last posted? Since graduating college in 2007 I have steadily worked in retail which is not great but at least I am almost done paying off my loans!!! I am super happy about that. Next will be to decide my next step. I have worked cosmetics for about four years now and day to day is different but for the most part I enjoy it. Retail is hard but I truly do enjoy working with people and making them feel good about themselves. Makeup seems to always give people a pick me up as well. I have also dabbled in doing the makeup for friends films which I have no training in but is really fun! I even tried to build a kit and do special fx stuff but realized its a big investment when you are not actually getting paid lol. I have also  taken writing courses here and there and taken some graphic novel writing classes which was challenging but fun at the same time. I am going to be taking another course starting this week so we will see where that goes! 

That is my life since last posting lol which doesn't seem like much but actually I feel a lot better after writing it all out. We will have to see if I can be more committed to writing in here lol. New years resolution? 
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